Wild Country for all your quality taxidermy needs


When big game hunting you went out and scouted the area, you used an expensive rifle and you a mounted a really nice scope. Trail cams were placed and the tree stand was your spot for hours and hours. None of this came quickly or inexpensively.  You took vacation and camped in the woods with full intention of bringing home a Trophy.

If you were bird hunting you planned the hunt with attention to detail.  In most cases you and your dog headed out with the hunt first and foremost on your mind. When you arrived you prepared the shotgun and headed out to the fields or marshes. You were patient, you were cold and you waited for just the right opportunity to bag your Pheasant, Duck, Goose or other bird

You don’t want to risk your project to someone that doesn’t take the project as serious as you took the hunt.  This truly is going to be a work of art, this is not the time to skip on quality.  Wild Country Taxidermy expects every project to be high quality and you should too.

Wild Country is current on all the newest techniques.  We are hunters just like you and we realize that getting it right is critical.  We make sure the eyes look real and the pupils are level.  When we recreate the ears, we don’t use standard plastic ear liners, even though it is a longer process we use the cartilage from your animal to form the ears and the best products and techniques to give the animals ears as much detail as the originals, right down to the veins and creases that occur naturally in mammal ears. stance and habitat on life size mounts will look completely natural. To allow us to do the best artistic rendition of your animal possible take pictures out in the field so we have a complete rendition of the animal.  If there is scaring or other imperfections, let us know if you want to keep them, or not. We want you to communicate your vision so we can make sure you are 100% satisfied with your trophy.

We offer taxidermy on all North American, Asian, and African Mammals (Great and Small): Shoulder Mounts, Half-Size Mounts, Life-Size Mounts, European Mounts (Natural or Dipped), Wall Pedestals, Floor Pedestal (custom or stock), Pack-mounts, Custom Habitats, Reproduction Fish (all species from Marlin to Brook Trout) and these can be stand alone wall mount or with their own habitat or they can be incorporated into your custom habitat (Such as a life size bear scooping a salmon from a stream). If you want something done we haven’t listed don’t hesitate to contact us.